The 10th JFC Composers Award

Application Requirements



“Voice, now”

For the 10th JFC Composers Award, chamber music piece with voice is invited.

The creation with voice and its performance environment were ultimately being advanced by now.  Still there might be more space for creation?  And thus we might or might not be able to bridge it to next generation. We aspire to listening to the pieces that would struggle all these challenges and seek the voice.



Application regulation

1.    Qualification/ condition

Participants are accepted regardless of age or nationality.

But the JFC composers Award winner is not eligible.


2.    Entries

2-1. One entry per Composer is allowed.

2-2. The ever staged (premiered) work is eligible.

But score that was ever published or awarded before the Final Concert on 20th November 2019

is NOT eligible

2-3. Duration: maximum 12 minutes.

2-4. The maximum number of performers is 4, excluding conductor in the case required.

Among them, at least one VOICE (singer, singer etc.) must be included.

The formation consists of only VOICE(s) (singer, singer etc) is also good.



Any kind, style, form or/ and genre of VOICE of human being are acceptable except child’s voice.



Any kind of languages is acceptable. Vocalise and scat are also good.

With languages except Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Latin, 
pronunciation in Japanese KATAKANA or in the roman character is required to be printed.
In the case that poems, lyrics and verses with copyrights are cited, composer must clear them by his/her self ahead to applying.



Please refer to the list herein below.

Number of players for each instrument: 1 each, except for the case of violin that can be up to 2.


Flute (with alto flute switchable by one player)

Oboe (with English horn/cor anglais switchable by one player)

Clarinet (Clarinet in A, in B and bass clarinet switchable by one player)


Alto saxophone (with soprano and/or tenor switchable by one player)



Percussion instrument (among the list here, maximum 5 would be employable)


      Crash cymbals 1pcs.

      Suspended cymbals 2 or 3pcs.

      Mark tree 1pcs.

      Tam-tam 1pcs.

      Latin percussion (Mambo) cowbell 1 pair

      Whip 1pcs.

      Tambourine 1pcs.

      Claves 1pair

      Guiro 1pcs.s

      Wood block 1pair.

      Triangle 1pcs.

      Cabasa 1pcs.

      Maracas 1pair

      Hyoshigi 1pair

      Wooden fish(Chinese temple block) 1pcs.



      Bass Drum 1pcs.

      Snare drum 1pcs.

      Bongo drums 1pcs.

      Conga 2pcs.

      Tom-tom drum 4pcs (large-small)

      Timbales 1pcs.



      keyboard percussion:

      Marimba 1pcs. (A- c’’’’)

      Vibraphone 1pcs.(f-f’’’)

      Glockenspiel 1pcs. (f’’-c’’’’’)

      Crotales (2oct.)








Piano (extended technique such as prepaid piano and/ or string piano is NOT allowed)

Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass)


3.  Musical score:

3-1. Scores should be properly written.

In case required, playing method or/ and instruction is to be clearly stated.

3-2. On the top cover of the score, title with English translation and composer’s name are to be written.

3-3. On the score, type(s) of voice/ vocal and name(s)of instrument are to be written. And serial page number is to be put down on each page.  If poem or lyrics are cited, write down the name(s) of poet(s) or lyricist(s) and whole verses on the last page of the score.



4.    Application period, method and application fee

4-1. Application period: From 1st April to 24th July, 2019. 

Transmission or/ and postmarked date and time effective.

4-2. Application method: Please select one among three mentioned here under.

   Send PDF file (maximum 10MB) to E-mail:

   Upload PDF file on firestorageGoogle DriveMicrosoft OneDrive and etc.

and write down its link address on the application form.

   Send by postal service a set of UN-bound score to the postal address printed on

the application form.

With case of 1 and 2, download the application form, fill it and attach profile photo onto it, and send it with the score by e-mail. Total data quantity should be within 10 MB.

With case of 3, put the profile photo on the application form, and send it with the score by delivery service such as postal service etc.

The profile photo attached to the form will be used for the flyers, leaflet and etc.


The recording data of the actual performance or of software can be submitted.

With case of 1 and 2, write down the link of WAV file onto the application form...

With case of 3, please enclose CD with the application form and the score.

4-3. Entry fee: 10,000 Japanese yen.

Method of payment: Bank transfer to the designated bank account by closing date.

All bank charges must be paid by the applicant.


Payee for Entry Fee (Bank details):

Beneficiary Bank: MUFG Bank LTD.


Branch name: YOTSUYA  BRANCH          



Beneficiary Account Number: 051-4593730



5.    Screening

5-1. Entries are to be screened by jury commissioned by JFC.

The result is directly informed to each and all applicants by 20th August 2019, and the

nominated work titles and the applicants are announced on the JFC homepage.

5-2. Nominated works are to be staged at Final Concert of the 10th JFC Composers Award in Toppan Hall, Tokyo, on 22nd November 2019.

After the judgement of stage performance, Composer Award result is announced.


Fumio TAMURA, composer, chair of committee

Yuji NUMANO, musicologist

Masahiro MIWA, composer



6.    Awards

JFC Composers Award (one piece): JPY 200,000-



7.    Rehearsal

Rehearsal with/without composer him/herself will take place on 21st November 2019 in Toppan Hall. Time schedule and order are decided by JFC.

If composer conducts, his/her participation is required.



8.    Notes

8-1. If there is any defects in the application form, data etc., the applicants may be disqualified.

8-2. Once submitted, corrections and additions are not permitted.

Plagiarism is unacceptable and, if proved, may result in disqualification even after selection.

In the case that copyrights of cited poems, lyrics and words were not cleared, the applicants

is disqualified even after selection.

8-3. Nominated composer is to submit the part score for actual performance by the end of September 2019 to JFC.  The cost of making the part scores may be paid at applicant's


8-4. Players for the concert are arranged and recruited by JFC except special case.

8-5. At applicant's (composer's) request, he/she may conduct own piece. In such case, conducting fee is not payable.

8-6. The transportation fee and the accommodation fee of the nominated applicants to

participate the rehearsal and/ or concert are applicant’s expense.

8-7. Even after nomination, there might be a case that nominated works would not be staged.

8-8. Copyright fee is to be paid pursuant to Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers

and Publishers (JASRAC) regulation.


Executive Committee

Naotsugi NISHIDA, chair of committee,




Inquiries and Entries destination:

Address:#101, Mimori-Bldg., 1-19-4 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0061 JAPAN

Tel: +81(0)3-6276-1177  Fax: +81(0)3-3376-3371  e-mail:




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