ENDO Masao(Japan)
Born in Tokyo in 1947. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Music (M.A.).
Prize winner of The Music Competition of Japan and winner of Original Stage Work Prize Special award (Agency for Cultural Affairs).
His creation ranged vast and various fields such as orchestral music, chamber music, song, and electronic music commissioned by NHK. His musical works are performed  in both domestic and abroad in such stages as those of ACL and ISCM.
He is currently chairperson of Japan-Russia Society for Musicians. And member of  The Japan Federation of Composers Inc., Japan Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), 21st Century Composers' Association and group of "Koshi no Kaze".
DUPLICATE for Clarinet and Violoncello

Your music always feels nostalgia for the life, said a friend of mine.

Upon his words. I started composition. All through four movements, the relation of two parts is neither confrontation nor dependence. Rather they are mutual duplicate through the filters.

Here and there, FREEZEs are inserted and that demands the total darkness. Sometimes appearing minor chord and major chord are precisely prescribed with pitch adjustment with just intonation. All through the music, the Pianissimo by clarinets double stop represents the foggy background. Completed on the 31st of May 2021.