ITOH Takuma(Japan)
Born in Fukushima prefecture. He studied composition under Takehito Shimazu. He attended the master classes of Joji Yuasa and Yoichi Sugiyama at the "Summer of Akiyoshidai" Contemporary Music Seminar & Festival.
30th Japan Society for Contemporary Music Award for Composers and Audience Award, 90th The Music Competition of Japan 2nd prize, 17th Tokyo International Competition for Chamber Music Composition  2nd prize, 11th Carl von Ossietzky International Composition Competition Excellence Award Repertoire Recommended Works (Germany / Oldenburg), won the 14th Chiba City Arts and Culture Newcomer Award.

Currently, he teaches music theory and solfege as a music teacher at Chiba Prefectural Makuhari General High School.

OrzbauⅢ is composed for cellist, Kei Yamazawa and voice and body performer, Motoharu Kawashima. I composed it as a sketch with two sound elements which are interjection in daily life and fragments cited from renowned cello phrases often seen in the Orchestra study. It would not start with any kind of link creation through cooperative work by each element. But at the moment of encounter and separation of the alien elements, so called musical cramps occur one after, and generate dramaturgy in a shot span of time.