KANNO Yoshihiro(Japan)
Yoshihiro Kanno, graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts with the Master's Degree. He has won several prestigious awards including 1979 Prince Pierre of Monaco Musical Composition Award and 2012 Award for the Tradition Creatrice by Japan Arts Foundation. The ballet "Mandala" was performed at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1988 and toured New York and Washington, D.C. in 1991. In 2007, "Earth Stream" for percussion and piano 4-hands was premiered by Evelyn Glennie, Noriko Ogawa and Philip Smith. The most recent highlight is "Himiko" an epic theatrical work embracing both Western and Japanese instruments and dancers. "Himiko" was premiered in 2015 at Suntory Hall in Tokyo and was performed at Espranade in Singapore in May 2016.
Ship's Log
Among the ancient journeys by the sea, those of Kenzuishi (Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty, 600-615 A.D.) and Kentoshi (Japanese mission to Tang Dynasty, 630-894 A.D.) have evidences on record. The success rate of such voyage is said to be 50%, 25% both ways. We imagine there were coming and going between the continent and Japan before those dates, and in any voyage, there would be a logbook. With those ships travelled the instruments, shakuhachi, koto, and biwa. I wrote a "musical logbook" with the nostalgic and evocative images. Regardless of 25% survival rate, those men still set out to the sea.