KAWASHIMA Motoharu(Japan)
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and its graduate school. His works are performed every corner of the globe. And he participates in many projects of modern music events, and as a program advisor of "Izumi Sinfonietta Osaka" hall. 
He also sometimes appears on TV program such as "Untitled Concert" as a commentator. From 2017 on, started the concert series of the solo exhibition and from 2020, the Recital series. He is also a performer himself as well as conductor of "Ensemble Kochi". 
Currently vice-president of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.(JFC) and associate professor of Kunitachi College of Music and its graduate school.
Tu-lari-phone and Ce-tar-ola
I named the trio of Tuba, Bass clarinet and Baritone saxophone "Tu-lari-phone". That is assemblage of the piece of syllables of three instrument names. And with the same way, I also named the trio of Cello, Guitar and Viola trio "Ce-tar-ola". These trios create respectively the strange and complex rhythm. But they completely synchronize and act like as one and single instrument. Hence those ensembles play as duo. But Their relation is vague, and they present "different wavelength conversation".