OGURI Maika(Japan)

This music holds the elements such as a small sound, quest for the sound color, time fluctuation, music communication, darkness, and unplugged music. And it creates music so delicate, seems appearing at the place out of nowhere. The music by Oguri is so fragile that it requires the specific space and size and character of the audiences.
Currently Oguri is in the graduate school of Kunitachi College of Music. And she continues her study with focus on the reactive process, where they are sometimes listening each other and sometimes adapting mutually, of music as ultimate improvisation or extreme communication.

first cry of a stranger for 8 handcrafted spring drums

Eight handcrafted spring drums are set in the space to perform the work. The performance requires the acts as here below. Act of reacting to the sound and rhythm made and heard in the space, then replying, imitating the action, and synchronizing the timing. Act of breaking the relations and proposing new elements. Act of repeating to find a pure overtone. Regardless its instability because of size and weight, and act of raising them in the tubes and amplifying them. Through these acts, music is resulted.