Richard TSANG(Hong Kong / UK)
Professor Richard Tsang has for many years served as the Founding Chairman of the Hong Kong Composers' Guild and Vice-Chairman of the Asian Composers' League (ACL); and since 2013 an Honorary Member of the ACL. In 2002-08, he was elected twice President of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM), the first non-European to hold this position since the society's establishment in 1923.
Academically, Tsang has served as Dean of Students and Professor of Music at the Education University of Hong Kong, actively involved in the research and promotion of Creative Musicking concept and practices. He is also a veteran broadcaster and has worked with Radio Television Hong Kong since 1979 in various capacities as producer, channel head of English Programme Services.
Over the years, Tsang has been active in the promotion and conducting of contemporary music and has organized many international festivals and exchange events in this field.
Retired, Tsang his currently enjoying the company of his grandchildren between Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.  

At Ease - for piano quintet -
The combination of COVID-19 pandemic and personal experiences prompted the inspiration for this work. Recent restrictions due to quarantine measures and cut down in global economy and human interactions have definitely caused anxiety to many people, the composer included.
The title of this work might be considered as a wishful thinking during this time of angst and tension. Sarcastically the music portrays attempts to find peace and quiet, which might never be attained. Strong dissonants with mixed meters and awkward rhythms keep the audience on the edge most of the time, while intermittent reprises of calm contains hints of clashes to come.