Seung Jae CHUNG(Korea)
Seung Jae Chung received bachelor's degree at Seoul National University, and master's and doctoral degree at Manhattan School of Music. He studied conducting with David Gilbert; electronic music with Pierre Charvet; and composition with Chung-Gil Kim, Giampaolo Bracali, Nils Vegeland, and Richard Danielpour.
His works were selected for 1996 Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Asahi Art Festival 2004 in Tokyo, Japan; 2004 Asian Composers League Music Festival in Israel; and 2005 ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) World Music Days in Zagreb, Croatia. He has been commissioned by Tongyeong International Music Festival, TIMF Ensemble, VECM (Vocal Ensemble for Contemporary Music), Korean Piano Duo Association, Seoul Tutti Ensemble, I Maestri, Ensemble Eclat and so on.
Currently he is a professor of department of composition & new at Sangmyung University and serves ACL-Korea as a president.
The Wells of Silence
The title came from the lyrics of the song called "the Sounds of Silence," sung by Simon & Garfunkel in the 1960s. As the title suggests, ironic symbolism is pervasive throughout the song, which is about the inability of people to communicate with each other. In the initial stage, I imagined the sounds that reverberate in a blocked situation, the sound of the well of silence. Those imaginary sounds became the essential materials for the piece. Then, various sound effects of a well and multiple ideas echoing in my mind are mixed and resonated in the form of sound.