UMEMOTO Yuri(Japan)
Born in 2002 in Tokyo. Her past announcements and appearances include Bon Cliffes (Tokyo Metropolitan Theater), Endless Imaginary (Rhizomatiks), Sendai Classic Festival, etc. At Tokyo Music Evening Yube (Toshima-city) in 2021, a new work using the AI ensemble system and automatic performance technology jointly developed with Yamaha Corporation was announced.
He studied composition under Motoharu Kawashima and Taro Yasuno. After graduating from Tokyo College of Music High School, he is currently in the first year of Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts.


Bosozokuis the endangered species. Their famousCallcould be their folkloric music.

I transcribed them, then analyzed and classified. With these results, I composed this piece for saxophone and newly developed MIDI controlled 6-pipe-built air horn.