The 11th JFC Composers Award
Application Requirements


Co-creation with instrument players/ performers


The 11th JFC Composers Award calls for the chamber music composed for specific instrument players/ performers. We will provide the instruments playing art and method guidance to the Entrants. And we will accept the provisional score submission ahead to that of the final version. After the provisional submission, we will provide the occasion where the Entrants could ask the questions to instrument players/ performer.

Normally, on the composition competition regulation, addition and correction on the scores are not accepted.

But in the actual stage, composers and performers would co-work to make the best performance till the last minute. So we will admit addition and correction on the score with condition that the Jury would assist the repetitions/ rehearsals. And all the process would be subject to screen.

This type of composer award might have never been held before. But ability to cope with them could be supposed to be one the composers’ quality.

So we dare to raise the questions “This is what composer award should be”.



Submission requirements

1.    Qualification/ condition
 Entrants are accepted regardless of age or nationality.
 NOT the previous JFC Competition winner.



2.    Entries
  2-1. One entry per Entrant is allowed.

  2-2. The ever staged/premiered work is eligible.

      But award-winning work before the Final Concert is NOT eligible

  2-3. Duration: maximum 12 minutes.

  2-4. The maximum number of instrument players is 6.

  Regarding the instruments including switchable instruments and the players, please refer to the
  list here below.

  Besides to the instruments on the list, simple instruments (prepared/ provided by the Entrant),
  voice and physical performance could be added. Physical performance without instrument is
  also good.

  But please make it sure that total maximum number of the performers on the stage are 8.

  They are 6 performers/players, conductor and the Entrant himself/ herself.



   Ami OIKE : Violin , Viola

   Masanori OISHI : Saxophone (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone)

   Hideo KIKUCHI : Clarinet (Clarinet in E, B, A, and Bass Clarinet)

   Shinya HASHIMOTO : Tuba, Serpent

   Kei YAMAZAWA : Cello

   Gaku YAMADA : Classic guitar (nylon strings), Acoustic guitar (steel strings),

     Electric guitar (effector negotiable), Electric base



   If conductor is required, Jury of the Composer Award, Motoharu KAWASHIMA would play the part.          And in case conductor is not required, KAWASHIMA is also available for some other performance

        Regarding KAWASHIMA’s performance, please refer to YouTube.  With search term “Motoharu
        Kawashima’s performances”, you can find them.

      regardless he would join the stage or not, KAWASHIMA would assist all the rehearsals so that he
      could acknowledge the process and the range of revision.

     And the Entrant himself/ herself could participate with some other instruments besides to the 6
            players. In that case, please specify his/ her part on the score and his/ her performance history.
            So maximum number of the performers is 8, including Conductor. Piano, percussion, and some
            big instruments are NOT accepted. But only if the Entrant himself/ herself could provide and
            transport them, they are accepted. Electric devices are also available only if the Entrant could
            handle them and he/ she could provide and transport them all through the rehearsals and the


3.  Guidance for the instruments playing art and method & provisional submission

  3-1. JFC will upload the instruments playing art and method guidance movies by April 2021 on JFC

    Regarding details, please refer to JFC homepage. The purpose of releasing this movie is to
         guarantee fairness among the Entrants. Hence it is NOT obligation to watch them. And the fact of
         composing the music without featuring any special playing method/ techniques of the instruments
         displayed in the movies would NOT affect to the result of screening.

       3-2. From 1st June till 30 November 2021, one provisional submission per Entrant is accepted. Even
         the works were not completed, or even mere ideas, we will accept them. The Entrant could request
         comment and suggestion from the Jury, KAWASHIMA. And the Entrant can put any questions /
         inquiries to the instrument players / performers. It would be forwarded to them and replied would be
         sent back. In case required, we may urge the Entrant to make direct correspondence with the
         players / performers.

    3-3. If you made a provisional submission, you are basically and ideally requested to proceed the final
          submission. Provisional submission is NOT condition for the final submission.

    3-4. Provisional submission is to be sent by E-mail with PDF file (maximum 10MB).

         Or you can send it directly link such as uploader.

         In both case, subject should be “JFC Composers Award provisional submission”.

         Please send it to KAWASHIMA Motoharu, the Jury.


4.  Musical score:

    4-1. Scores should be properly written. Graphic notation and text notation are also accepted. But in
     case required, playing method or/ and instruction is to be clearly stated.

              Although Co-creation with the players is the assumption of the 11th JFC Composers Award, still
     objectivity on the musical score is highly estimated.

       4-2. On the top cover of the score, title and composer’s name are to be written in English.

       4-3. On the score, instruments are to be written. And serial page number is to be put down on each

5.    Application period, methods and application fee

5-1.  Application period : From 1st to 23rd December, 2021. 

        Transmission or/ and postmarked date and time 23:59 (JST) effective.

5-2.  Application method : Sending PDF file (maximum 10MB) by E mail

   Or sending link of Uploader and others service by E-mail

 5-3.  Application form is to be downloaded from JFC home page.  Application form download

              Fill out it with profile photo.

              And with music scores altogether (maximum 10MB) send it to JFC Email address :

5-4. Entry fee: 10,000 Japanese yen.
              Method of payment : Bank transfer to the designates bank account by closing date.
              Payee for Entry Fee
              Beneficiary Bank : MUFG Bank,LTD

 Swift code : BOTKJPJT


 Branch : Yotsuya branch
              Address of the bank : 1-6-1, Yotsuya,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
              Type of account : checking account
              Account number : 051 - 4593730
              Account holder's name : The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.


 All bank charges must be paid by the applicant.


6.    Screening

6-1. Entries are to be screened by Motoharu KAWASHIMA, jury commissioned by JFC.

  The result is directly informed to all the applicants by 10th January 2022. The nominated work titles
  and the applicants are announced on the JFC homepage.


      6-2. Nominated works are to be staged at Final Concert of the 11th JFC Composers Award held in

             Assembly Hall, Muza Kawasaki, Kanagawa, on 31st March 2022. 
             After the stage, Composer Award result is announced.

            Jury : Motoharu KAWASHIMA


7.  Awards 

      JFC Composers Award (one piece) : JPY 200,000-


8. Process after the nomination

 8-1. Upon the result of nomination, advices and suggestions from the Jury and the Players are sent to
       the Nominated Composers. Taking them into the account, the Nominated Composers are to submit
       the scores and part scores (if required) for actual performance by 4th February 2022 to JFC.  

 8-2. Rehearsal

       In March 2022, 4 rehearsals in total are scheduled.  Venues for the first 2 rehearsals are not yet
       decided. And the last 2 rehearsals are planned to be held in Muza Kawasaki on 29th and 30th
       March 2022.
       If the Nominated Composer him/herself will take part in the stage, he/ she must participate in the all
       the rehearsals. Even if the Composer him/ herself will NOT take part in the stage, basically he/ she
       is required to participate in the rehearsals. In case he/ she could not physically assist it, he/ she is
       required to monitor/ supervise them by any remote systems.

       After the first 2 rehearsals which are scheduled in early March 2022, addition and correction on the
       scores are allowed to the extent permitted by the Jury, and the revised scores could be submitted.         And this is the last and final version of the scores. After here, any further addition or correction is
       NOT permitted.

 8-3. Please be strict about deadline for the score submission after being nominated.

  If the score submission was made after the deadline, the nomination could be disqualified.


      8-4. In this composer award, process of brushing up is seen as one of the composers' quality and that
             could be subject to screening. But it dose not mean that you should always revise it. In case the
             work does not require any of then, you may submit untouched form the original version.

9.    Notes

 9-1. If there are any defects in the application form, data etc.,

  the Entrant may be disqualified.

 9-2. Plagiarism is unacceptable and, if proved, may result in disqualification even after selection. With
  cited poems, lyrics and words, in case the copyright was not cleared, even after selection, the
  Entrants are disqualified.

 9-3. The transportation fee and the accommodation fee of the Nominated Composers to participate the
  rehearsal and/ or concert are the Nominated Composers’ expense.

 9-4. Copyright fee is to be paid pursuant to Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) regulation.


Executive Committee
Chairperson : Masahiro YAMAUCHI
Members : Midori KUBOTA   
                  Shotaro MATSUNAMI




Inquiries and Entries destination
Address : The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.
#101, Mimori-Bldg., 1-19-4 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

151-0061 JAPAN
e-mail :
HP :