Born in Japan in 1961, began to play the piano when he was four, and later he learned piano with Prof. Koya Harigai and music composition with Prof. Terumichi Tanaka. In 1984, he received a prize in the 4th composing competition of the Japan Mandolin Union. His works are played around the world, such as Europe and Asia. Many of his pieces have been published by Joahim-Trekel Musikverlag (Hamburg, Germany). He belongs to The Japan Federation of Composers Inc. (JFC). He has presented works at concerts organized by JFC, such as "Japanese Composers 2021" and "Asian Music Festival 2022 in Kawasaki". He is a professor of Center for Physical and Mental Health, Mie University. He has occupied as a doctor of internal medicine, but music has always played an important role throughout his life. He always aims to combine health medicine and music.