KOMORI Toshiaki

                                                                                                          ©UGAYA Hiromichi

After graduating from Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, he completed his graduate studies at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, majoring in composition.
He has received many prizes and awards including the Japan Symphony Foundation Composition Award, Tokyo International Chamber Music Composition Competition, and EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL (Tokyo Wonder Site).

He has been active in various fieldscomposition, performance, teaching, writing, translation. And has given presentations of his works and performances in various parts of the world.

He has been a lecturer at Toho Gakuen School of Music, an advisor to the Japan Isaye Society, and a member of the Sapporo Contemporary Music Exhibition. He is currently a pianist with the free improvisation unit "Kugan-Mui(空観無為)", a judge for the Japan Classical Music Competition, and a member of the Japan Society for Image Arts and Sciences. He has co-authored several books and contributed to research journals on various fields of art (including music), urbanism, and information.