Composer, Conductor.
Ryuichi Horikoshi was born in 1949, Tokyo. After graduated from Meiji University the faculty of economics, where he studied economics and politics with B.M, he studied composition at Tokyo University of the Arts and completed his music study there with B.M and M.M degree.
In 1976, his piano piece "CORROSION-by Pianist" was featured in 'A Musical Evening by Aki Takahashi', the leading concert of the day, which made his name known as a composer.
Since then, he has primarily devoted himself to composing as well as he has shown his gift in a various range of worldwide activities from arranging, conducting, to criticism.
He is member of the Japan Federation of Composers Inc.(JFC) and music director of Ensemble "ArtAim" since 2003.
Official Site : www.horikoshiryuichi.com