AKAISHI Toshio(Japan)
Composer and music educator.
His motto is "For music lovers, composing music that is not difficult to understand". Amongst many books he published are there "Solfege introduction" (KMP), "Self-Study Aural Traning" (ZEN-ON) and "Graded Sight Singing Studies" (ZEN-ON).
Member of Japanese Society for Contemporary music (ISCM Japan), The Japan Federation of Composers, Inc. (JFC),  Piano Teacher's National Association (PTNA) and Solfege Studies Conference Japan.

Professor emeritus of Soai University Faculty of Music.
Representative of AKAISHI MUSIC STUDIO.
Music for Viola solo "Parthenocissus tricuspidata"
When I saw it quivering in the wind, I wanted to write a viola solo piece. It is called the scientific name "Parthenocissus tricuspidata" and the common name is "ivy". This song in not a depiction of a plant, but an idea that I feel from it. Among the many fascinating plants, the "ivy" is pretty and powerful to me, and despite being in a herd, even a single leaf has a presence.