FUJIWARA Yoshibumi(Japan)
Fujiwara Yoshibumi graduated from the composition department and graduate school of music of the Tokyo University of the Arts. He has received 4th Japan Symphony Foundation Composition Award, and his won several international competitions including those of the Haydn Association Abruzzo Giubileo 2000 and the Federation Music Week 2001 in Melbourne.
His publications include a CD of his composition "Encounters of Time and Space" and the collaborative edition "J.S.Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier : Analysis and Performance". 
In 2020 he presented a concert of his own compositions.
At present he serves as professor of music at University of Yamanashi, and vice-president of the Japan Music Expression Society. He is a member of Japan Society for Contemporary Music, The Japan Federation of Composers Inc., and Orchestra Project.


Interplay means interaction and intersection. Especially in Jazz, it refers the creation of beautiful performance by synergy through stimulating sessions with catharsis, competence, harmony, and repulsion. 

Same as “Interplay for 4 hand piano (2020)”, I left the four players the improvisation part respectively where they could perform in the mood with tempo and expressions. I am excited to witness thrilling Interplay that would be explored.