KADOWAKI Osamu(Japan)

Osamu Kadowaki was born on 12 February 1964 in Shiogama, Japan. He studied mathematics and composition at the Miyagi University of Education, where he graduated in 1986. He studied composition under Masao Homma and Kazuo Kikkawa. He received his master’s degree in music education in 1995. Since 1986, Kadowaki has taught at public high schools.
He was awarded the Miyagi Prefecture Arts Prize for Young Artist in 1999. He was selected to receive Original Stage Work Prize (Agency for Cultural Affairs) in 2003.
He is a member of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc., Japan Society for Contemporary Music and Japan Society for Electronic Music.

Along the line, from low tone to high tone exploring the seven players, guessing each other, will improvisationally perform to lead the piece. This is a rough sketch of the piece.
A note or a motif, voluntarily made by a player, is transmitted, explored, and sometimes with sensation added, trigger a different element. They circulate thus to lead the piece. Using these behaviors to resemble to synapse, nervous system brain structure, I named it "synaphony". Hence sometimes a part of the existing music is arbitrarily cited without any good reason.