KOBAYASHI Yoshinao(Japan)
In 1984, he won the 2nd prize in the 4th composition contest conducted by Japan Mandolin Union.
His work has been performed all over the world such as Europe, Russia and Thailand, and his solo works have been selected as the compulsory piece for many competitions such as the Japan Mandolin Solo Competition. Many of his works have been published by Trekel-Musikverlang (Hamburg, Germany). He has presented works in "Japanese Composers 2015, 2021" and "Asian Tradition・Asian Contemporary 2019".
He studied the piano under Kohya Harigaya and composition under Terumichi Tanaka.
He is member of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc. as well as a Doctor of Internal Medicine.
Tuk Tuk ~ for Woodwind quintet, Violin and Violoncello ~
I had the opportunity to visit Bangkok, Thailand, to be performed my piece again which was premiered in Tokyo at the JFC-sponsored concert "Asian Tradition・ Asian Contemporary 2019". As one of the means to transport in Bangkok, there is a three-wheeled taxi called "TukTuk", which pulls a rear car with a roof on a motorcycle. I felt the wording cute, and while pronouncing many times by myself, I noticed that it resembled the shape of the mouth when playing staccato in wood or brass instruments, and I got a hint for writing a new work. This piece alternates between fast parts characterized by tanking and slow parts. I hope that the audiences will enjoy the process leading up to the tense voice "Tuk Tuk" at the end.