Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and its graduate school. Passed the NHK Japanese Traditional Music Audition. Then, with Agency for Cultural Affairs sponsored Program of Domestic Study for Upcoming Artists, studied after late Living National Treasure, Kunie Fujii. Amongst many awards she received are there The Kitanihon Shinbun Encouragement Prize, Toyama award and Incentive Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technolory in Japanese "Hougaku" Music Contest. 
Her CD was released from Victor Record. Appeared on NHK Educational TV programs such as "Geino Hana Butai" and "Nippon no Geino". In memorial event of Otomo no Yakamochi 1300th Anniversary, she performed for the Emperor and the Empress. Also, she often performs abroad.

Currently principal of Kurokawa Hougakuin.