MATSUNAMI Shotaro(Japan)

Graduate from Tokyo University of the Arts, music faculty, composition course. Finished the above universitys master course and the culture and associates of Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Awarded Doseikai prize at university. 2nd prize at 82nd The Music Competition of Japan composition section also Iwatani prize and the 8th JFC Composers Award.
Composing study under Kaoru Koyama, Kenjiro Urata, Manabu Kawai and Eisuke Tsuchida. Instructed Tokiwazu-bushi on Mojibei Tokiwazu.
Work at Miyagi University of Education as a Specially Appointed Associate Professor and Toho Gakuen School of Music as a lecturer. Director of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc. and a member of Japan Society for Contemporary Music.


We Japanese can find a lot of same sound words "Senritsu" but meaning different, such as melody, horror, sharpen, thousand of RITSU (musical mode), and so on. Basically Senritsu=Melody is one of the 3 important elements of the music form. This word game is my starting point. I tried lines proceed to horrible, sharpen melody, thousands of RITSU mode (Ritsu sempo). "Sen-no" means "thousands of " but not using one thousand times, just most. The RITSU mode is Hyo-jyo, Ohshiki-cho, Banshiki-cho in Gagaku 6 forms which use 7 sounds for série, put G and D in the based 5 sounds, E, Fis, A, H, Gis. This number consist of a single movement, excute with interlacing a sharpen movement, RITSU mode's harmony and the trembling sounds. RITSU mode part is recognized tonality sound in the melody.