NINOMIYA Tsuyoshi(Japan)
Born in Aichi in 1972. He won a prize in the Sasakawa Prize, the Nagoya Culture Promotion Prize and the 1st EACA International Composition Competition. He lives and works in Sapporo, Fukuoka and Daegu(Korea).
His Works, which reflect the sentimentality of classical Japanese literature and traditional arts, have been performed and broadcast at music festivals in Asian countries and throughout Europe. He presides over the Composers Group KALEIDISM, the Japan Society for Creation Songs and the International Rostrum of Composers Fukuoka.
He is a professor and Vice-trustee of National University of Teacher Education Fukuoka.
In 2015, composer in residence at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux (France).

Ancient Sea Roaring
The sea, where the river flows, as described in Kamo-no Chomei's "Hojo-ki" is also a place where the impermanence of the rolling waves spreads out. The chain of life that continues there is an undifferentiated and chaotic lyricism that has nothing to do with the emotions of humanity. Since I started living in a house with the sound of the tide, I have been thinking about "Notation of Waves", it was my favorite as a student, and I have been searching for a new way to compose. I think I was dreaming of the consequence of the composition as if I were listening to the ancient sea roaring stored in the shells.