Jun Yamamoto studied piano under Kyoko Iida and composition under Teruyuki Noda. He is an accompanist for theremin player Miquette.
From 1982 to 1987, he was the leader of the fusion music band called "Landscape". Year 2016 saw the premiere of "War stood at the end of the corridor - based on a haiku by Hakusen Watanabe - for trumpet solo" by Kiyonori Sokabe. Since then, new works have been presented intermittently. In 2021, "W
èile Míngtiān - for clarinet, violin, and piano" was premiered by the Phidias Trio.
"Mindscape"Ⅰ for String Quartet
The composer wrote this piece by collecting sounds that feels beautiful or pleasing, and organically arranging and connecting them as much as possible to create a short but pleasurable duration.
The piece begins with a sixteenth-note tremolo, followed by a motive featuring a triplet of eighth notes and four sixteenth notes. After some rhythmic play and wavering, a canon on the theme of sixteenth-note follows. Then the first motive reappears and the piece concludes with an octave sequence on notes of "E" after a short coda.