YOKOTA Naoyuki(Japan)
With guidance by Ryohei Hirose, Yokota learned composition for himself.
With some other pieces, he composed mainly chamber music. In 2003 h received the Best Prize of 7th Nippon no Ongakuten Award, Encouragement Award of the 6th TIAA Japanese Competition in 2008 and of the 9th TIAA Composers' Competition on 2011, respectively. Then he won Encouragement Award of 21st Century Japanese Music Project in 2015 and Japan International League of Artists Award for Composition in 2019. 
Member of The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.

Polymerization for Oboe, Violin and Violoncello Revised version

Gas and liquid, in a certain space, as far as properties permit, move freely and would mix.
That is their characteristic property.

The Oboe, Violin and Violoncello represent those element molecule and chemical compound. And I described their polymerized chemical reaction with music. Violin solo, Violin and Oboe, Oboe and Violoncello, and Violoncello solo. Music is composed of five parts, such as element and chemical reaction, of all the instruments. They are performed without pose. The music of each instruments takes symmetry proportion still it lacks perfection because of the rhythms.